1. What Does Content Marketing Mean?

    Marketing is always changing. The standard store displays and magazine ads that worked even 20 years ago just don’t move products and services the way they used to. The current topic of fascination in the marketing world is content marketing. It’s a concept that has been around for decades but is enjoying newfound status as the preferred marketing method for top-level corporations and crowd-fu…Read More

  2. The Effectiveness of Video Marketing On Social Media

    The way customers interact with businesses, brands, and products is changing. No longer content to be spoon-fed advertisements through TV and radio, and too busy to window shop, many customers are now using the engaging world of social media to shop for new products and services. While many businesses are taking advantage of these social media platforms, and using them for advertising, they are fa…Read More

  3. Welcome To The 369 Creative Agency Blog

    Hello, and welcome to our blog. 369 Creative Agency in California is excited to share some creative wisdom with our readers and provide you insights into our content creation process. We’ll regularly update our blog with commentary on social media advertising trends, content marketing strategies, concept and branding creation, digital marketing tips, video production guidelines and strategies. W…Read More