Through our unique, creative process our talented team of inspired designers, writers, and directors are able to give you next-level custom social media advertisements and creative content that fits your brand and its unique marketing needs. Whether you are interested in marketing with traditional television broadcast commercials, or with content marketing videos on your website or social media platforms, we are your one-stop-shop. At 369 Creative Agency, we have worked hard to solidify a process that delivers your finished advertisement quickly, without ever sacrificing the high standard of quality that has come to be expected from our video production services.

Our creative content process includes the following steps:


Our process begins with an in-depth interview to understand your brand and your specific objectives.  This includes:

  • Listening and learning about your business
  • Understanding your market and identifying your consumer
  • Setting success parameters and expectations
  • Agreeing on a budget that meets your success parameters


Next, we create a plan that works best for your company and we craft original scripts and storyboards that target the specific market you are trying to reach.  This step includes:

  • Creating an original concept for your content marketing campaign
  • Delivering a script for you to review
  • Storyboarding the script to ensure visual content exceeds expectations


Once the creative decisions have been made, we produce and film the social media advertisement or commercial.


 In the post-production step we will:

  • Deliver a rough edit for review to ensure proper branding elements are in place
  • Complete a final edit and deliver your finished product


Finally, we will discuss and choose social and traditional media buying strategies that best suit your business to maximize your return on investment.

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How it Works

Entry Level Creative Campaign

The videos below are an example of an entry level creative campaign. At 369 Creative Agency we design the spots to be memorable, character driven and episodical for maximum viewer retention. We recommend that they have no longer then a 30-second run time and we will deliver an additional 15 second spot for retargeting clients in your marketing strategy.


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